Pattaya Girls

After having traveled all over Thailand for the past 2 years, I can tell you that the Pattaya girls are among Thailand’s finest and most beautiful women.

The girls from Pattaya have a special quality that men like, they’re easy to meet and readily available for a night of pleasure. The Pattaya girls are experts at attracting Western men and consequently, Western men are attracted by the thousands to Pattaya.

Once you make the short journey down the coast from Bangkok and you arrive at Pattaya, the world around you changes. I have never seen so many available girls in my life. It’s intoxicating, really. Everywhere you go there are girls in Pattaya who will smile at you and start up a conversation.

The easiest place to meet the girls of Pattaya is, of course, in the bars, go-go’s and discotheques that are scattered about town by the hundreds.

These are some of the main locations in town where you are sure to meet Pattaya girls:

Walking Street- This area is the main entertainment district and has the greatest concentration of bars, discos, and go-go’s. It’s very easy to find. It starts at the south end of Beach Road. There’s a huge sign at the entrance that you can’t miss. If you get lost, you can ask anyone in Pattaya and they will be happy to give you directions.

In the Walking Street area, I would recommend that first time visitors go to the following:

  • AngelWitch Rock Dancers
  • Baby Dolls Go-Go
  • The Airport Go-Go
  • What’s Up
  • The Windmill Go-Go

Soi 7 and Soi 8 – This is another location where the entertainment venues are clustered together and you can have a lot of fun without having to walk very far.

Good spots in the Soi 7& 8 area are:

  • Sexy Girls Go-Go on Soi 8
  • Sexy Go-Go on Soi 7
  • Poppy’s Beer Bar at the end of Soi 8 is a fun spot
  • Mr 99 Seafood restaurant has excellent food as well as entertainment

Soi 6 – Now this is a very special area in Pattaya and is famous for its “short time” bars. A short time bar is where you can meet a Pattaya bar girl and use a room located right in the bar to get to know her better.

Top Spots on Soi 6

  • Saigon Bar
  • Bullring
  • Red Point

There are many, many more entertainment venues in Pattaya. The above recommendations will provide you with a pleasant start to your visit. Enjoy the Pattaya Girls!